Earlier this year I planned to quit my job, take 1 month sabbatical & then look for a new challenge. On sabbatical period I planned to go to Bandung to learn more about typeface design at my friend type design studio (Degarism Studio) who I met on Jakarta Typeweek 2019. You can see my typeface as the result of Jakarta Typeweek 2019 workshop on this page.

Unfortunately, pandemic hit Jakarta on the month I resigned my previous job. Because the city where I live (Jakarta) did PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) so I can't go to Bandung. Not only that, many companies did hiring freeze & my recruitment processes were canceled. Many companies also did layoff because their business affected hard by the pandemic. For some reasons until now I still searching a new company to work that suitable with my skills & my interest.

Now, I'm improving my knowledge & skills on UI/UX design by joining online workshop & online learning on SanberCode & Skillshare. Hopefully soon I can find I a new place that align with skills, interest & vision.

If you have any opportunity that suited to my skills you can contact me.

Danke! ✌️