Reneka Coffee

Year           2017
Role           Visual Design, Custom Logotype
Agency     JXL Design Co.

In the beginning, Reneka started as a company that offers high quality coffee beans which is of international standards. Now, the brand has expanded to include a fully fledged coffee shop.
It was very important for a product to have a strong brand which is synergized to each other. So does Reneka. Thus, we worked a right image for Reneka to compete with existing competitors in the market.
The branding concept is inspired from the philosophy of the product’s name. Reneka stands for idea and excitement, just like a great coffee for some people who seek for idea and energy.

Reneka located at: 
- Emporium Pluit Mall 1st Floor (Jakarta)
- Paskal Hypersquare Blok B60 (Bandung)


Photo courtesy of @renekacoffee