Zusuf Subari is interdisciplinary designer with computer science background. My skills are combination of graphic designer & digital designer with informatics engineering analytical skills.

My work experiences vary from print to digital, from brand identity to website design.

I had 7+ years of work experience, as in-house designer & as full-time designer at design agency. I have worked with companies/organizations from various scales (startup companies to multinational companies) & various sectors (technology, finance, education, food & beverage, infrastructure, property, furniture, agriculture,
embassy & NGO), such as:

    What I Work On

    🖥   Design Portfolio → zusuf.com
    ✍️   Personal Blog → blog.zusuf.com
    🎯   Brand Identity Blog → identitasvisual.com

    Benefits I Can Bring

    •  Brand design (logo, brand identity, brand guideline)
    •  Website/product design (user interface design, wireframing, prototyping)
    •  Editorial Design
    •  Social Media Content
    •  Typeface Design
    •  Game Design
    •  Designer - programmer communicator
    •  Analytical skill