Flip UI/UX Research & Design Refinement

Year           2021
Role           UX Research, UX Design,
                   UI Design, Prototyping
Project       Self Initiated Project

Transfer fees between banks in Indonesia are quite expensive, IDR 6500 per transfer (January 2021). Flip came to solve that problem.

Flip operates as a platform that allows users to send money securely without a transaction fee.


Live Prototype → Flip App Refinement

Framework : Double Diamond Design Process
Team           : Zusuf (one person only)

Questionnaire & Results

To understand the problem I gave online questionaire to 10 Flip users:

1. Choose the services that you ever used in the Flip app:
     ☐  Interbank transfer
     ☐  Top-up Phone Credit
     ☐  Buy Mobile Data Plan
     ☐  Buy Electricity Tokens
     ☐  Remittance

- 60% users never used Flip services other than interbank transfer

2. What complaints or things do you dislike from Flip app?

- Need more supported banks
- Does not provide 24 hour service
- Sometimes it takes a long time for transaction confirmation
- Sometimes the app is error (on Android phone)

3. What features or improvements would you like to expect to see in Flip app?

- More supported banks
- Provide 24 hour service
- Add other bills payments, such as BPJS Kesehatan
- More giveaways
- More & cheaper mobile data plan options

Interview & Results

Beside gathering quantitative data, I also gathering qualitative data by interview.
I interviewed 2 new Flip users to know if there any difficulties or issue while first time using the app.

- How to top-up Flip balance (where is “Isi Saldo” menu)?
- Add PIN feature

Issues Summary & Team Related

- Several issues related to business decisions, such as the number of supported banks, 24 hours service, more bill payment services & security PIN. As someone who do know about Flip internal strategy I can’t suggest anything about it & may be the Flip team already has a plan on it.

- I also can’t suggest any solution about transaction confirmation time because I don’t know detailed procedure, constraints & the tech behind it.


- For app stability on Android devices, it’s a common issues of Android because there are many Android device types in the market & there are many users that still use old Android OS versions.

- More giveaway & cheaper mobile data plan can be used as marketing strategy to attract new users to register & to attract current users to use more Flip services beside the main service (interbank transfer)


Problem Statements

- Attract users use more Flip services beside interbank transfer
- Fix the top up balance “Isi Saldo” UX to avoid confusion for new users

Solutions (Before-After)


Attract users use more Flip services beside interbank transfer

- Show all Flip features at Home page to make user understand that Flip has many features other than interbank transfer
- I also did feature icons refinement

Fix the top up balance “Isi Saldo” UX to avoid confusion for new users

- Show "Balance Top Up" / "Isi Saldo" button after user creating the account

- Add a new page to help user understand how & progress of activating the "Isi Saldo" feature