Binar Academy App Redesign

Year           2021
Role           Research, Wireframing, UI Design,
                   UX Design, Prototyping,
                   Usability Testing, Team Coordinator
Project       Bootcamp Challenge

Binar Academy is an end-to-end digital career solutions platform. In the Binar Academy app, users can learn skills to enter the digital industry from the ground up or upgrade skills to become better at it.

Binar Academy has 2 main programmes:
- Binar Bootcamp (current features: registration & course materials)
- Binar Live Events (current features: registration)


Live Prototype → New Binar Academy App

Framework : Design Sprint & Scrum (remote)
Time            : 2 weeks (5x times online meeting, @2.5 hours)
Team           : 4 members

To understand the pain points we collected the comments from 4 Binar Academy Bootcamp participants about their experience when using the current Binar Academy app.

How Might We (HMW)

After collecting and analyzing the user's pain points, we defined the How Might We (HMW). Each member submits one HMW idea and we choose the best HMW that suits with the user's pain points.

HMW: “How to make users comfortable using the Binar Academy application”

Solution Ideas

At this stage we brainstorm & collect various ideas to solve user's pain points.

Affinity Map (Solution Ideas)

From the list of solutions that we collected, we created an Affinity Map and obtained 3 categories of solutions to user problems:
- Academic
- Payment
- Service

Prioritize the Solutions

Due to limited resources and time, we group the solutions that we have collected by priority.
In determining the priority of the solution we create 4 quadrants:
- Do it now (high user value, low effort)
- Do next (high user value, high effort)
- Do last (low user value, low effort)
- Later (low user value, high effort)

There are 8 solutions on "Do it now" quadrant that we will implement into Binar Academy app:
1. Submit challenge feature
2. Reward feature for completed challenge
3. Learning progress features (attendance, grades, chapters)
4. Job connect feature (job list, job list)
5. Consultation feature with Binar Academy customer service
6. Onboarding survey feature for Binar Bootcamp & Binar Insights class recommendation
7. Promo
8. Improve the infomation architecture of Binar Bootcamp & Binar Insights to make it easier to browse

We sketch the design for each solution using Crazy 8's method. And then vote them to choose the best design for each solution.

Information Architecture

We created new information architecture to accomodate new features & new screen flows

Binar Premium Course (Bootcamp)

UI Design (Before-After)


Changes on the "Home" page:
  Main menu changed from "Home", "Insights" & "Profile" to "Home", "My Course", "Jobs", "Help" & "Profile".
  The content on the "Home" page was changed from "Course" & "Register Premium Course (Bootcamp)" to "Course (Free & Premium/Bootcamp)", "Promo" & "Binar Insights". With this change, users are expected to be able to access all information on Binar Academy classes (Binar Course & Binar Insights) and ongoing promos from the main page.
  Because there is more content on the new "Home" page, we made changes to the card design to be more compact so that it can fit more content.
  Changed the UI design style to make the app looks neater
  Changed the icon of the main menu to make it in line with the new UI design.
  For colors, we keep using the Binar Academy brand colors: Purple & Yellow.
  Change in typography, from Open Sans to Lato. We chose Lato because the typeface is more compact than Open Sans, has a lot of weight variations & good readability. Lato is suitable for mobile applications where the screen area is limited & requires high readability. We also made changes to the font size hierarchy to make the text easier to read.

Binar Insights

Changes on the "Binar Insights" page:
  Besides users being able to search for the "Binar Insights" class using the "Search" or "Topic Category Filter" features, we added the "Recommendded Topics" feature. Binar Insights classes in "Recommended Topic" are based on users interest that selected when first time using the app & previous course/classes the user joined.
  Change the card design & font size to make the text easier to read.

Binar Insights (Details & Register)

Changes on "Binar Insights (Details & Register) page:
  Tidy up the typography, especially increasing the font size to make it easier for users to read.
  Added detailed info about Binar Insights: "Mentor Name" and "Topic Tags".
  Price text changed from Yellow to Purple for better contrast so it's easier to read.

Changes on the "Course" page:
  Separation of selected & unselected Course sections
  The illustrations of each course are made clearer

Courses Reading Materials

Changes on the "Courses Reading Materials" page:
  Added reading material progress indicator (%)

Changes on the "Profile" page:
  "Need help? Contact us" menu moved to main menu as "Help" menu

UI Design (New Feature)


My Course & Premium Course Details (Bootcamp)

For participants of the Binar Academy Premium Course (Bootcamp) they will get additional features besides the complete "Reading Materials".

The features are:
  "Reading Materials & Challenge": full access to reading materials & submit challenge/quiz
➋  "My Schedule": bootcamp schedule
  "My Attendance": bootcamp attendance report
  "My Report": bootcamp quiz & challenge score report
  "My Points Reward": Binar points reward earned by finishing the challenge & quiz. Users can redeem the points for some Binar Academy benefits (course discount & merchandise)

Reading Materials & Callenge and My Schedule

"Reading Materials & Challenge":
  Users who registered to Premium Course (bootcamp) can access full reading materials.
  Users who registered to Premium Course (bootcamp) can submit their challenge & quiz work through the app and earn Binar points reward.

 "Bootcamp Schedule":
  The mentor
  The schedule (date & time)
  Bootcamp venue (offline bootcamp) or Zoom link (online bootcamp)

My Attendance and My Report

"My Attendance":
  Bootcamp attendance report

"My Report":
  Bootcamp quiz & challenge score report

Job Connect

"Jobs (Job Connect)"
Currently, the Job Connect process for Binar Academy bootcamp graduates is still done manually through Newsletters & Google Form that are notified every week. That's why we created a "Jobs" feature so that users can search for vacancies & apply more easily.

The features are:
  Users can browse available job vacancy from various companies (Binar Academy hiring partners)
➋  Users can apply for jobs they are interested in through the app

Help/Customer Support Chat

The "Help" feature is added to the main menu to make it easier for users to ask/consult Binar Academy.

This feature is expected to:
  Help users consult related to Binar Bootcamp & Binar Insights
  Help users upgrade their account to a premium account
  Help users consult related to Job Connect etc

Usability Testing

  • Methods                 : Unmoderated usability testing using Maze
  • Number of testers : 4 testers
  • Testers successfully completed all tasks (100%) related to "Home", "Jobs" & "Help" features.
  • For tasks related to “My Course” feature, 75% of testers successfully completed the tasks but had difficulty at the beginning. May be because they are not familiar with the UI and the new features.
  • Testers gave an average rating of 8.5/10 for the new design.
  • In general, the testers like the new design.