Gravity Sans

Year           2019
Role           Typeface Design
Agency     Personal Project

5 years ago I started to have interest in typography. When browsing a good designed website & find awesome typeface I usually did "inspect element" on my browser. Since then I start to read, learn & draw typeface sketch for fun.

Last year, ADGI (The Indonesian Association of Graphic Designers) collaborated with Tokotype & Degarism Typefoundry held 5 days typeface design workshop called "Jakarta Typeweek 2019". In the workshop I learned the step by step to produce typeface from idea, sketching, designing glyphs on GlyphsApp, spacing, kerning and then export it to ready to use typeface file (.otf/.ttf).

It's my first typeface so still lacks everywhere. Currently only looks quite proper on all uppercase or all lowercase format.

Gravity Sans Type Specimen_1Gravity Sans Type Specimen_1
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_2Gravity Sans Type Specimen_2
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_3Gravity Sans Type Specimen_3
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_4Gravity Sans Type Specimen_4
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_5Gravity Sans Type Specimen_5
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_6Gravity Sans Type Specimen_6
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_7Gravity Sans Type Specimen_7
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_8Gravity Sans Type Specimen_8
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_9Gravity Sans Type Specimen_9
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_10Gravity Sans Type Specimen_10
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_11Gravity Sans Type Specimen_11
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_12Gravity Sans Type Specimen_12
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_13Gravity Sans Type Specimen_13
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_14Gravity Sans Type Specimen_14
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_15Gravity Sans Type Specimen_15
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_16Gravity Sans Type Specimen_16
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_17Gravity Sans Type Specimen_17
Gravity Sans Type Specimen_18Gravity Sans Type Specimen_18